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Julia Bartlett Named New Orchestra Director at Islip Middle School

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Islip Middle School will have a new orchestra director when school opens on Sept. 1, as Julia Bartlett has joined the school’s music staff.

A recent summa cum laude graduate of the Crane School of Music with concentrations in orchestra and special education, Bartlett began giving private music lessons during high school, where she discovered a love for teaching. Bartlett was involved in the Northport-East Northport School District’s summer music program for seven years, beginning as a volunteer and progressing from assistant to lead assistant, and now to certified teacher.

As a performer, Bartlett has been a member of various orchestra and chamber ensembles, including the Orchestra of Northern New York. An accomplished orchestra pit musician, she has performed in various theaters across Long Island. In addition to her classical and musical theater background, she has a strong interest in Irish fiddling, which she studied at the University College Cork in Ireland.

Date Added: 8/26/2022