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Committed to Excellence

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The Islip Board of Education, in partnership with the community, will empower all students to achieve excellence and reach their full potential. Learner-focused instruction will provide the whole child with the opportunity to acquire the skills necessary to become a productive and successful member of society.


Through a three to five year plan, the Board of Education will address the following goals and objectives in a collaborative manner:

1. In order to provide a foundation for success, the district's operations and the budget will be developed to support high quality instructional programs and services in a safe, secure learning environment that reflects both our academic and financial priorities.

2. The Board of Education will review and develop policies that improve the overall operating success of the Islip school system.

3. For the respect of the community, as a Board, we will plan and effectively execute Board of Education meetings in a transparent and timely fashion. The Board will then provide the community with accurate, relevant information.

4. The Board will continue, through the legislative committee, to advocate and collaborate with others within the Islip community and our educational partners to support public education locally, regionally, and nationally.

5. The Board of Education will perform an annual review.