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A Successful Start for Islip High Schoolers’ “Bucs Brew” Business

A successful start for Islip high schoolers’ “Bucs Brew” business thumbnail218584

Six enterprising students from Islip High School’s functional academics class have been operating a “Bucs Brew” beverage cart since April, supplying coffee, tea, and hot chocolate to school staff. Under the guidance of teacher Melissa Horn, the students run this small business, with two “baristas” scheduled to work the cart each day.

Staff members are sent a Google form on Sundays, where they may select their preferred beverage and the days and periods they would like it delivered to their classroom door. The new business offers an option to become a Bucs Brew VIP member., VIPs receive a punch card and a free beverage with the purchase of 10 . After their initial success, the students began a “live” cart, parking it in the hallway at the HS,  to serve customers as they walk by.

“Each beverage comes with a treat, a positive motivational sticker, and of course a smile,” Horn said.

Horn and her students plan on eventually taking the cart on the “road” to Islip Middle School, where they can visit their previous teachers, as well as the District’s Administration Building.

“The feedback has been super positive, and the students love working,” Horn said. “It has brought confidence to my students as well as a sense of accomplishment and success. It not only works on their vocational training skills, but it also creates relationships with staff and students outside of our classroom. Creating the Bucs Brew cart has been something I wanted to do for some time, and I am so excited that it is up and running and bringing smiles and awesome coffee to teachers and staff every day. I am so proud of all the hard work my students have put into this.”

Date Added: 6/10/2022