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Celebrating a Love of Science at Commack Road

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Commack Road Elementary School held its annual science fair on April 5, providing students the chance to demonstrate their knowledge of the Scientific Method and engineering design through their interest in a variety of topics. The “Five Second Rule” was tested, strategies for succeeding in “Rock, Paper, Scissors” were researched, weight-bearing towers were created, and ways to keep berries fresh for the longest amount of time were discovered, all in the name of science.

Teachers evaluated the students’ work, selecting a winner from each grade level. Second-grade winner Madeleine Carballo focused on finding out which material worked best to stay warm in cold weather. Third-grade winner Steven Marra tested whether video games have a positive or negative impact, analyzing data from many trials and concluding that video games can lead to improved hand-eye coordination. Colten Grace, the fourth-grade winner, focused his efforts on investigating how music affects heart rate. His findings helped to explain why slower songs have a relaxing effect. For fifth-grade winner Caroline Lettieri’s project “Icy Hot,” she evaluated different ways to melt ice. Her findings were supported by multiple trials and photographs.

These four young scientists will have the opportunity to show off their science expertise at the Brookhaven National Laboratory Elementary School Science Fair in May.

“We congratulate all of the students and families who put forth such a concerted effort to show their love of science,” teacher Ted Dieumegard said.

Date Added: 5/5/2022