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Committed to Excellence

Policy Committee

About the Policy Committee

The Policy Committee is responsible for reviewing, amending, and recommending the adoption of policies for school district operation to the Board of Education. The committee meets throughout the year to ensure the policies are reflective of current laws and regulations, and that they meet the needs of the District. Upon recommendation from the committee, policies are read twice at Board meetings and then voted upon at the third meeting. The committee utilizes the policy services of the New York State School Boards Association and subscribes to the ePolicy Manual to host the policies electronically. Policies adopted by the Board pertain to facilities management, instruction, student conduct, grading, fiscal management, school board governance, district personnel, and more. The development and adoption of policies is the principal responsibility of the Board of Education, and the execution of policy is the role of the Superintendent of Schools and district staff members.


Policy Committee Members

  • Matthew Clareen
  • Danielle Flora
  • Laura Rogacki
  • Dennis P. O'Hara (ad hoc)


Click below to access the Policy Plus Online Board Policy Manual