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Principal's Message

November 2015

Dear Parent/Guardian:
Autumn has arrived right on time as we had our first frost in mid-October.  We went from shorts to sweatshirts overnight.  This is a reminder that morning arrivals and recess will be outside as long as the sun is shining.  Students should dress accordingly.
We had a few firsts this past October.  Renaissance rallies, our first school social and progress reports.   We hope parents are finding the information regarding these events readily available via the planner, newsletters, ConnectEd and websites.
October had IMS buzzing with positive choices.  During Red Ribbon Week we participated in assemblies by Susan Goodman (Sooz) who relayed the message of positive choices through music.  It was an inspirational performance.  
November finds us working on our annual food drive which will end on the 18th.  The donations will go directly to Islip’s food pantry.  It is an opportunity for us to truly make a difference in our community by helping our neighbors in need.
For all of our veterans who serve, and have served, we extend our gratitude.
November is about thankfulness, and our learning community does not run short on this character trait.  As we all reflect on what we have to be thankful for, we wish our entire middle school learning community an enjoyable Thanksgiving.

Timothy P. Martin, Principal