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James Cameron, Principal


Principal's Message

Dear Families,

Each moment and experience in your child’s life helps contribute to his or her growth and success.  In defining #SuccessatCRES it is our hope that your child will have many of these foundational experiences at Commack Road so that he or she will achieve his/her fullest potential socially, emotionally, and academically.  

The teaching and learning community expects all children to be leaders. It is our duty to work together to unlock each child’s passion and interests. CRES strives to create learning experience that help students understand what it takes to be a productive, participatory citizen at CRES, in Islip and beyond.  Our inspiration for this work comes from Stephen Covey’s Leader in Me and Sean Covey’s 7 Habits of Happy Kids. These texts guide us in the development of a common language and consistent expectations for your children.

In addition, our team of teachers are taking our Response to Intervention (RTI) efforts to the next level this year.  We are exploring different models of support services to provide the best, research-based practices that will provide all students with the tools to achieve their fullest potential.  We will be dedicating our time to develop our craft and expanding our horizons as educators. Our goal is to provide the most dynamic, engaging learning environment for all faculty, staff, parents and students.

The love and encouragement that I receive each day from every child’s smile, high five, fist bump, handshake, or birthday wish is the fuel that keeps me going each and every day.  The support and trust that is placed in all of us at Commack Road does not go unnoticed and means the world to all of us at Commack Road Elementary!

Thank you and I look forward to seeing you at the many events each month.  I invite all stakeholders to let me know their thoughts about each experience at Commack Road.  Please feel free to send me an email, a note, or drop me a line to let me know how you feel things are going.   

To assist, in stakeholder feedback, I have created an online survey for all stakeholders to complete after they visit with us at Commack Road.  You can access the survey by clicking this link: or by scanning this QR Code with any smart phone.  

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Together, we can make Commack Road better every day!


James F. Cameron

Celebrating Darwin Day at Commack Road

Celebrating Darwin Day at Commack Road
Celebrating Darwin Day at Commack Road 2
Celebrating Darwin Day at Commack Road 3
In honor of the great naturalist Charles Darwin’s birthday on Feb. 12, fifth-graders in Judd Kramarcik’s class at Commack Road celebrated their love of science with a nature project.

Working as naturalists, the students “discovered” a new species of bird. Based on the bird’s habitat, the students were asked to think about what adaptations would help the bird to successfully survive in its ecosystem. With their scientific descriptions in hand, the students created a model of their newly discovered species, showing the bird’s adaptations.

Artistic Creativity Recognized at Annual District Art Show

Artistic Creativity Recognized at Annual District Art Show

Welcoming an exceptional array of 66 student-artists from kindergarten through 12th grade, Islip presented its annual District Art Show on Feb. 13 at the high school’s auditorium lobby. The high school chamber orchestra, directed by Zachary Butterfield, provided lovely musical accompaniment for the event.

“Visual artists, unlike performance artists, don’t often get public recognition or applause,” said Vincent Green, Islip’s director of fine and performing arts. “The art show is a wonderful opportunity for the Islip community to recognize the creativity of these young artists. Let this night inspire them and others to continue learning, growing and creating.”


A Night of Pizza, Principals and Police Brings Internet Safety to Islip

 A Night of Pizza, Principals and Police Brings Internet Safety to Islip

Commack Road and Sherwood elementary schools partnered with the Suffolk County Police Department on Jan. 17 for the second annual PTA-sponsored “Being Police SMART: A Pizza Party with the Principals and Police” event, held at the middle school. Sherwood Principal Chad Walerstein and Commack Road Acting Principal Lynn Burke were joined by Suffolk County Police Department Community Relations Bureau Officer Sabrina Pitch and 3rd Precinct Community Liaison Officer Eiffel Ramirez to discuss electronics usage and internet and gaming safety.

After enjoying a family pizza party in the dining room, students and their parents moved into the school auditorium for the presentation portion of the evening. District attendees included Islip’s superintendent, Dr. Ellen Semel, and the assistant superintendent for curriculum and instruction, Dr. Christopher Smalley, as well as Board of Education Vice President Tom Leggio.

“Basically, online etiquette is our 21st century character education,” said Walerstein in his welcoming introduction. “In the past, we might have taught students about different character traits to represent themselves. Now they have to do those things online. One of the things that we teach students at Sherwood is the THINK acronym. We tell them, before you click, before you say or do something online, think about it. Is it true? Is it helpful? Is it inspiring? Is it necessary? Is it kind? Whenever we have students come down to the office dealing with social media issues, we point to the THINK sign in my office.”

Officer Pitch, a familiar face as a countywide school presenter for the past several years, provided helpful tips and proactive strategies to keep students safe. She urged the assembled parents to keep communicating with their children regarding internet usage and devices, and discussed the challenge of keeping up with current social media apps and websites frequented by students.

“Every day there’s thousands of new apps out there,” Pitch said. “As soon as you learn about something, they’re on to the next thing.”

She also warned that children shouldn’t play “detective” with potentially dangerous adults on the internet.

“They think it’s this game where they’re going to get the bad guy,” she said. “Kids are in your home with the door closed, you’re in the other room, and they have their pajamas on. They think that they are safe, but they’re not. Strangers are just as dangerous online.”

Pitch emphasized that any negative or inappropriate words or images that a student says or posts online, even privately, can be disseminated indefinitely and cause significant harm.

“If you wouldn’t say it in person, don’t say it online,” Pitch told the students, leaving them with words of wisdom to guide them in future online endeavors.

Concluding the evening, the Commack and Sherwood PTAs raffled off a pair of Amazon Kindle Fires to two lucky students.