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Welcome to Islip High School

2508 Union Blvd.
Islip, NY 11751

School Hours: 7:20 a.m. – 1:58 p.m.

Telephone Directory
All Offices: (631) 650-8300
Main Office: (631) 650-8301
Fax: (631) 650-8308
Principal’s Office: (631) 650-8305
Assistant Principal's Office, Grades 9 & 10:  (631) 650-8315
Assistant Principal's Office, Grades 11 & 12: (631) 650-8320
Guidance Office: (631) 650-8350
Health Office: (631) 650-8325
Attendance Office: (631) 650-8310
Athletic Director: (631) 650-8370
Drug and Alcohol Counselor: (631) 650-8328
Security (Daytime: (631) 650-8420
Security (Nighttime): (631) 665-7111


Mr. Michael Mosca, Principal
Islip High School


Home of the Buccaneers


A Message from the Principal:

Welcome to the 2016-2017 school year.  This is a year of new beginnings and exciting new programs and course offerings.

At Islip High School we have a steadfast belief that it is our responsibility to educate the whole child in preparation for not only college and career, but for life in general.  Students in the 21st century need to be prepared to make contributions in their local communities and in the global community as well.  To accomplish this, our students need to be prepared with skill sets that include creativity, communication, collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving, technological proficiency, and global awareness.

To further address these important skills, we have implemented a number of new courses and programs.  Last year, we launched our first Academy Program at Islip High School.  The Islip Academy Program is comprised of the S.T.E.M. and Business Academies.  These programs will allow students with an interest in either of these two fields to take coursework and have experiences that will better prepare them for their post-secondary studies. 

We have also increased our partnerships with local colleges and universities to provide our students with more opportunities to earn college credit while still enrolled in Islip High School.  We have increased our duel-credit course offerings from 3 in 2014-2015 to 13 in 2015-2016.  Islip students can now take courses accredited by Suffolk County Community College, SUNY Farmingdale and St. John’s University.  
2016-2017 will also mark the beginning of a new Advanced Placement course.  AP Capstone is an innovative diploma program that provides students with an opportunity to engage in rigorous scholarly practice of the core academic skills necessary for successful college completion.

AP Capstone is built on the foundation of two courses — AP Seminar and AP Research — and is designed to complement and enhance the in-depth, discipline-specific study provided through AP courses. It cultivates curious, independent, and collaborative scholars and prepares them to make logical, evidence-based decisions.

Our goal at Islip High School is to give our students as many opportunities as possible to explore and learn about a variety of careers.  We have also added exciting new courses/programs such as Cosmetology (Career and Technical), Video/Radio Production (Music) and Virtual Enterprise International (Business). Each of these courses will take place in classrooms that have been redesigned and equipped to give the students a “real world” work experience. 

In an effort to increase communication with parents/guardians and students on the happenings at Islip High School (IslipHS), I encourage you to sign up to use Twitter ( Twitter is a website that allows for quick and consistent, two-way communication.  I have created an account to disseminate useful information about IslipHS and valuable parent resources instantaneously.   Signing up is easy. Go to, create a user profile, and once you are registered, search for our school username (IslipHS). Then click on the profile and select “follow”. We are on Facebook and Instagram as well.  To join our Facebook page simply visit and become a fan of our page.  You can also follow IslipHS on Instagram to view pictures of our exciting school events. 

Despite all of the new digital communication put in place for your convenience, there is no substitute for live communication with members of our Islip High School staff.  Please work directly with our Assistant Principals on all issues regarding your children.  Ms. Ward, Assistant Principal for grades 9 and 10, can be reached at 650-8315, and Mr. Juengerkes, Assistant Principal for grades 11 and 12, can be reached at 650-8320.

The first day of school for students is Tuesday, September 6th.  First period begins at 7:20 a.m.  Students are to report directly to their first period class as indicated on their schedule.  Any questions regarding schedules should be directed to the guidance department. 

Please remember, most important to student success is parent involvement.  Please continue to ask questions and keep the lines of communication open.  Feel comfortable emailing me at or calling me at 650-8305 with any concerns or questions you may have. As a parent myself, I understand the importance of feeling confident that your child is in a positive and nurturing learning environment.

I look forward to working with you this year.   My door is always open.  Please feel free to contact me at any time.

Michael Mosca, Principal
Islip High School

Gina Seymour Honored by ‘Library Journal’

Gina Seymour Honored by ‘Library Journal’ 1
Gina Seymour Honored by ‘Library Journal’ 2

High school library media specialist Gina Seymour was named a “Mover & Shaker” in the library industry by the national publication “Library Journal.” In a recent issue, “Library Journal” chose 52 outstanding professionals committed to providing excellent service and shaping the future of libraries. Seymour was selected because of her commitment to the profession and for her unique inclusive programming. Seymour’s MakerCare initiative, using the school library makerspace to teach teens about social action and civic engagement, has inspired students to make needed items to be donated to community and global agencies.

Seymour, who has served as Islip’s library media specialist for 12 years, was the recipient of the Suffolk School Library Media Association’s 2014 School Librarian of the Year award and is also an adjunct professor at the St. John’s University Department of Library and Information Science. Seymour is currently working on a book, “Makers with a Cause,” scheduled to be published in 2018.

“It was an honor and a humbling experience to be included among this distinguished list of librarians,” said Seymour. “With the rise of library makerspaces across the country , I am pleased to bring attention to our inclusive practices and inspiring service model as components of maker education.”

HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge

HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge 1
HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge 2

A trio of high school video production students – Selia Mercado, Nancy Pramanand and Lauryn Valdez – took 10th place in New York State for their superhero-themed short film “The Masked Monitor,” competing in the prestigious and grueling 10 Day School Film Challenge. The three young filmmakers were also co-awarded Best Use of Music in a Video, and received a certificate for their accomplishments.

The 10 Day Film Challenge, which evolved from the concept behind the 48 Hour Film Project, required participants to write, shoot, edit and score a movie in just 10 school days, as well as preparing a screenplay and movie poster, all while working only during video class. No work was allowed after school, at night, on weekends or at home. The state competition drew 70 film entries submitted by 29 high schools, with the top five films advancing to the national finals. Nationwide, approximately 1,800 films were submitted

“On day one, the groups picked a genre out of a hat,” said teacher Mike Reilly, explaining the process. “That morning, we were also emailed the main character’s name and backstory, line of dialogue, prop and cinematic technique that all needed to be incorporated into our stories.”

“This project was a difficult and grueling one, but enjoyable and challenging at the same time,” said Pramanand. “I want to study film and editing in college, so this type of project was great for my resume as well as challenging my skill sets so far.”

“This was a tremendous success, considering that it was Islip’s first year in the 10 Day School Film Challenge as well as our first full year offering the video production class,” said Reilly. “The course, and this competition in particular, encompass numerous areas of study including reading, writing and technology. We live in the mecca of social media, communication, advertising, and television and film production, so a class in video production was needed, warranted and requested by the students and community. It certainly prepares our interested students for college and career ready status. We are truly proud and excited about our current accomplishments as well as what the future will entail for us and Islip, as several of our video production students want to pursue careers in the video production, advertising and communications fields.”

Co-Valedictorians Reconnect with Their Teachers

Co-Valedictorians Reconnect with Their Teachers 1
Co-Valedictorians Reconnect with Their Teachers 2
Co-Valedictorians Reconnect with Their Teachers 3

For the second consecutive year, the high school held a special reception to reunite Class of 2017 co-valedictorians Brendan Mercado and Kenneth Ortega with all of their former high school, middle school and elementary school teachers. At the June 21 reception, held the day prior to commencement, the educators helped the pair of seniors celebrate their achievement, culminating in a group photo on the high school’s athletic field.

“Success doesn’t come instantly, it is a reward of several years of hard work,” said Principal Michael Mosca, explaining the idea behind the reception. “In that time, these young men have had the tutelage of many wonderful professionals. These teachers and administrators were all major contributors to Brendan’s and Kenny’s success. This event gives our valedictorians the opportunity to reconnect and thank all of them. For our educators, it provides a full perspective of the educational journey that we only get to experience a small piece of. We wanted everyone who helped them on this journey to have the opportunity to be part of their big day.”

Generations Interact as Seniors Walk through Wing

Generations Interact as Seniors Walk through Wing 1

Continuing a new Islip tradition begun last year by Michael Mosca and Dr. Christopher Smalley, the respective principals of the high school and Wing, the graduating seniors of the Class of 2017 paid a visit to Wing on June 20. Dressed in their purple and white caps and gowns, the future alumni walked through the halls and around the playground, interacting with the younger students and reconnecting with their own educational past. To the delight of the children of Wing, the walkers this year included the high school’s Buccaneers mascot.

“We wanted to give our students the opportunity to visit the place where their educational journey began,” said Mosca. “This experience also gives our kindergarten and first-grade students a glimpse into the future and a goal to strive for.”

Class of 2017 Celebrates Goals Old and New

Class of 2017 Celebrates Goals Old and New 1
Class of 2017 Celebrates Goals Old and New 2
Class of 2017 Celebrates Goals Old and New 3

As the 235 seniors in the high school’s Class of 2017 walked onto the athletic field on June 22, clad in purple and white, the first phase of their educational journey was about to conclude in a moving and memorable fashion.

“It amazes me how fast these four years have gone, but then again, it is only natural that time passes quickly when attending such a great school like Islip,” said co-valedictorian Kenneth Ortega. “The amazing friends, teachers and faculty have made my years at Islip High School unforgettable.”

He went on to urge his fellow graduates to seek out positive, supportive people.

“Islip has taught me that we need people who are going to push us to do our absolute best,” he said. “At times we will feel lost in the world, but if we surround ourselves with people who truly want to see us succeed, they will be able to help us reach our goals.”

Board of Education trustee Mary Ann Coughlin, whose son Quinn Coughlin was among the graduates, told them, “Success itself is universal, the journey is what is different.”

Senior Nicole Poliandro, who had kicked off the commencement with “The Star-Spangled Banner,” sang a soaring, sparkling rendition of Darren Criss’ “This Time.”

Principal Michael Mosca spoke of the value of perseverance, the perils of instant gratification and the long, hard road to true success in the real world.

“If this class were an Olympic team, we might not always win gold, but our work ethic, ability to take risks and compassion for each other would always make us successful,” he said. “I’ve found that each and every one of you has something to contribute to our team. Your successes and the ways you’ve overcome setbacks convince me that each of you has something to teach and a story worth telling.”

The penultimate speech – and most unconventional – was from co-valedictorian Brendan Mercado.

“I want to speak to everyone today in a language that I’ve understood longer and loved more than any other, and that’s music,” he said. “There’s a lot of good songs out there, but how many times have you stopped and thought about what their message really was? I searched through all my favorite songs and picked the ones that I felt had some wisdom to share with you.”

Mercado then strapped on a guitar, to the delight of the crowd, and performed excerpts from eight popular songs: Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believing,” U2’s “I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For,” Oasis’ “Don’t Look Back in Anger,” The Beatles’ “Yesterday,” Smash Mouth’s “All Star,” “Drake and Josh” theme song “I Found a Way,” Alphaville’s “Forever Young” and Green Day’s “Time of Your Life.”

Finally, Superintendent Susan Schnebel spoke from the heart, urging the young men and women to be unique to be successful.
She told them, “This is certainly a time in your life when you have reached a goal set for yourself years before. It’s an excellent point at which to begin fashioning new goals for the future.”

Diplomas were conferred, caps were tossed into the sky, and the high school’s wind ensemble and concert band began to play the recessional “Fairest of the Fair.” By the time the new alumni strode off the stadium track and on to celebrations with family and friends, the sun was starting to set, and a new era for all began.

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