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MS Principals Discuss Self-Awareness at LIASCD Conference

MS Principals Discuss Self-Assessment at LIASCD Conference thumbnail104868

Middle School Assistant Principal Bryan Miltenberg and Principal Timothy Martin recently gave a presentation to a packed room of more than 50 educators at the Long Island Association of Curriculum and Development’s annual fall conference.

The two administrators’ LIASCD presentation was titled “IN-Sight: How the Power of Self-Assessment Can Help Leaders Lead Better, Teachers Teach Better, and Students Learn Better.” It set out to explain how new research shows that not only is it possible to build these critical “in”-sights, it can be transformational for leading and learning. Based on the writings of The Tasha Eurich book “Insight: Why Were Not as Self-Aware as We Think, and How Seeing Ourselves Clearly Helps Us Succeed at Work and in Life” served as the anchor text used to debunk myths about self-awareness, identify and overcome blind spots, and explore how self-awareness can transform our work.

“Mindful, self-aware leadership helps prepare school leaders to better meet the needs of teachers, students and the community, and models an effective mindset that students can carry with them into any life situation,” said Miltenberg.

“My passion for the need of continuous personal and professional reflection on a daily basis is what keeps me in tuned to the daily wants and needs of our students,” said Martin. “Self-awareness is a critical component of my reflection.”