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High School Wins Best Ensemble at Teeny Awards

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The cast and crew of the high school’s production of “Catch Me If You Can” were awarded the prestigious Best Ensemble award at the 2015 Islip Arts Council Teeny Awards, held June 7 at the Noel S. Ruiz Theater at the CM Performing Arts Center in Oakdale.

Islip was also among a small group of schools selected to perform as part of the awards ceremony, which was preceded by a red-carpet event with local politicians, performers and celebrities.

The Teeny Awards is a student arts recognition program sponsored by the Islip Arts Council. Its mission is to recognize and celebrate the talented students who participate in theater across the Town of Islip, encourage them to pursue their dreams, and to stimulate local interest while developing an understanding of the value of theater education in a well-rounded school curriculum.

Islip was nominated in a total of six categories. According to “Catch Me If You Can” director Rich Harris Jr., the Best Ensemble award is the most important of all. “A musical is about being transported to a different time and place,” he said. “That can't happen unless the sets, music, costumes and performers are doing their job in the most convincing of ways. The Best Ensemble award recognizes that all the Islip students have done that, and done it well.”