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‘New Games’ Help New Teachers Build Teamwork

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Two dozen of Islip’s newest teachers participated in “New Games,” a series of interactive team-building activities that allow the new teachers to interact while working together to solve problems.

“The purpose of New Games is to cultivate a sense of belonging, to forge relationships while problem solving, to work together, to build effective working relationships and to promote play as a tool to enhance critical thinking skills,” said Linda Lippman, the district’s assistant superintendent of administrative services. “Each team member’s contribution is vital to the success of the team.”

The Aug. 31 activities, which valued cooperation, were part of Islip’s annual new teacher orientation program. Over the course of two days, the teachers also reviewed routines and procedures, met with building principals, coordinators and central administrators, and hopped on the popular bus tour of the historic hamlet of Islip hosted by community members Kay Erwood and Nancy Libert.

Approximately half of the teachers were about to start their first year in the district, with the remainder in their second and third years; Islip’s teachers remain in the program until they earn tenure.