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Snow Unique

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Commack Road students recently pondered how, like snowflakes, no two people are alike. The “Snow Unique” activity was sponsored by the school’s Lighthouse Committee, which tailors lessons based on Stephen Covey’s teachings about leadership and helping students become productive and kind individuals.

During a lesson given by school counselor Sara Comisky, the students described snowflakes and analyzed snowflake photos, coming to the conclusion that snowflakes have different shapes, sizes and designs. They were then asked how snowflakes and people are alike and discussed how people have unique characteristics, just like snowflakes.

“I explained how all of us are special in our own unique way, and our strengths and differences are what make Commack Road Elementary School such as special place,” Ms. Comisky said.

The students were then given a snowflake with the phrase, “I am unique because… .” During the month, students have been completing their snowflake with words and pictures describing what makes each of them unique. The snowflakes are currently being hung on the bulletin board located in the school’s main hallway for the entire learning community to read.

Date Added: 1/24/2022