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Famous People on Parade

Students Dressed Up and Marching In Parade thumbnail207286
Students Dressed Up and Marching In Parade thumbnail207287
Students Dressed Up in Class thumbnail207288
Fifth graders at Maud S. Sherwood Elementary School recently participated in Biography Day, an annual tradition, which, at first glance, looked much like a Halloween parade of costumes. Instead, the traditional program provided the perfect opportunity for students to dress up as the famous people they researched and showcase their costumes for the student body, faculty and parents who applauded them as they walked across the driveway.

The parade was the culmination of research and hard work. The students first read a biography about their famous person, took copious notes, gathered facts and wrote a full report about famous athletes, political figures, movie stars, historical figures and more. Once their reports were completed, the students each organized the information on a triptych-shaped puppet in the likeness of their researched person. Dressed as their subject, they presented the report to the class and then lined up for the parade.