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Commack Road Students are Food Scientists

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During a recent science unit, fifth grade students in Judd Kramarcik’s class at Commack Road Elementary School learned what it’s like to be food scientists working in a lab for a large food production company. Their task was to identify the properties of three unknown food mixtures and to describe the properties using their senses.

Mr. Kramarcik explained that the mixtures were flour-based and blended with liquids, including vinegar, water and food coloring, or just plain water. Each mixture appeared and smelled differently. Therefore, the student-scientists tested each mixture by smelling, dripping the contents with a paper towel, and observing whether the blend stuck or dripped off of a spoon. After each test, the students recorded the properties and discussed their observations.

“Most people experience science in their everyday life through food, especially through cooking and eating,” Mr. Kramarcik said. “Learning how to identify different properties will help us succeed with our ultimate challenge – making a new, tasty salad dressing.”