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Meeting Student Needs with Extended Program at Wing

Meeting Student Needs with Extended Program at Wing   thumbnail176183
Meeting Student Needs with Extended Program at Wing   thumbnail176184

During July and August, the district ran a six-week Reach Extended School Year program at Wing, using a hybrid instructional model that enabled both in-person and virtual learning opportunities to meet students’ needs. For the in-person morning classroom sessions on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, social distancing and physical setting cleanliness followed Department of Health guidelines for staff and students. Virtual instruction included synchronous real-time interaction with a live teacher via scheduled videoconferencing, as well as asynchronous instruction in which self-pacing students learned from videos, readings and other media.

“Losing connection with students over the last few months of the school year was extremely difficult for district faculty and staff,” said Wing Principal Michael Giacchetto. “This ESY program brought our children back to school and put smiles on the faces of everyone involved. School may have looked a little different with our new safety parameters, but one thing that did not change was the joy of working with our children. The energy and enthusiasm of teaching and learning returned to the classrooms at Wing once again.”