HS Scholars Run World Language Immersion Day at Middle School

HS Scholars Help Immerse Middle Schoolers in World Languages

World Language Honor Society members from the high school set up shop next door at the middle school lobby on March 8 for World Language Immersion Day, running 11 different learning centers for eventh-graders to visit. Activities such as Twister, Uno, Pictionary, bingo, paper flower making and “letter soup”, all undertaken solely in the Italian and Spanish languages, provided the middle schoolers with a chance to converse in a second language, learn the language’s vocabulary, engage in interactive activities to use this language in context and instill cultural awareness.

“I think it was a great experience for the seventh-graders,” said senior Dan Canales, who manned the Twister station.  “And for us, it was great to be able to teach them and instill in them the language they have chosen to learn.”

“The purpose of World Language Immersion Day is for our world language scholars to have the opportunity to give back to the program in which they started,” said Megan Schierhorst, one of the high school’s two World Language Honor Society advisers along with Sarah Ito. “It’s also a great opportunity for our seventh-grade middle schoolers to see where they can progress to in language studies in the future.”