Middle School Welcomes Record Number of New Students

Middle School Welcomes Record Number of New Students

This year, the middle school had a record-setting number of new student entrants – more than 50. At the same time, the school’s focus this year has been on enhancing student culture by improving both empathy and acceptance as well as student voices and leadership. In order to better welcome and acclimate the newcomers, the school planned a recent Welcome to Islip Breakfast featuring games, food and conversation, chaperoned by current student leaders.

The morning began in the gym with team building exercises, capped off with a poignant rendition of “Cross the Line,” in which students and staff were asked to step up if they met various criteria such as hailing from a different state or country or speaking a different language.

“It served as a powerful visual reminder that while we call come from different walks of life, we are all in this together and here for one another,” said Assistant Principal Bryan Miltenberg.

From there, students entered the dining room for a breakfast of bagels and juice. Each table had a student leader facilitator who had prepared questions and discussion topics. The students got to know one another, with many arriving as strangers but leaving as friends.

“I am proud to say that our student body has welcomed our newest residents with open arms,” said Principal Tim Martin. “It was a tremendous and eye-opening experience for all involved.”

“At Islip Middle School, we strive to build a culture of openness, inclusivity and acceptance,” said Miltenberg. “We treasure our growing diversity and the opportunities it brings to connect and find common ground with those who are different from us.”