High School Video Students Make Top 30 in Film Challenge

High School Video Students Make Top 30 in Film Challenge

For the second consecutive year, the high school’s video production students were chosen for the top 30 in the prestigious 10 Day School Film Challenge. Based on the theme of “A Film Within a Film,” theme, students Ryan DelGenio, Selia Mercado, Nancy Pramanand, James Rindos and Lauryn Valdez created the short film “Stuck in Bayside,” which advanced to the state finals.

The state competition drew hundreds of film entries submitted by dozens of high schools. Competition rules required participants to write, shoot, edit and score a movie in just 10 school days. After picking a theme out of a hat, the students had to use an exact line of dialogue in the film, use a specific prop and camera angle, and include the main character’s name and given background story. They also were required to create a screenplay and movie poster. The students could only work on their film during class and school hours, with no work allowed after school, at night, on weekends or at home.

The top 30 films, including Islip’s “Stuck in Bayside,” were shown on the big screen in front of peers, other schools, and judges at the 10 Day School Film Challenge awards held in Astoria, Queens. 

“Congratulations once again to our amazing Islip students,” said teacher Mike Reilly. “This was the second year for Nancy, Selia, and Lauryn in regards to being selected for this honor. All three students will be attending college this fall and plan on concentrating their studies in the area of film and media communications. We hope to see them all on the real red carpet one day.”

View “Stuck in Bayside” on YouTube.