HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge

HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge 1
HS Video Students Take 10th Place in Film Challenge 2

A trio of high school video production students – Selia Mercado, Nancy Pramanand and Lauryn Valdez – took 10th place in New York State for their superhero-themed short film “The Masked Monitor,” competing in the prestigious and grueling 10 Day School Film Challenge. The three young filmmakers were also co-awarded Best Use of Music in a Video, and received a certificate for their accomplishments.

The 10 Day Film Challenge, which evolved from the concept behind the 48 Hour Film Project, required participants to write, shoot, edit and score a movie in just 10 school days, as well as preparing a screenplay and movie poster, all while working only during video class. No work was allowed after school, at night, on weekends or at home. The state competition drew 70 film entries submitted by 29 high schools, with the top five films advancing to the national finals. Nationwide, approximately 1,800 films were submitted

“On day one, the groups picked a genre out of a hat,” said teacher Mike Reilly, explaining the process. “That morning, we were also emailed the main character’s name and backstory, line of dialogue, prop and cinematic technique that all needed to be incorporated into our stories.”

“This project was a difficult and grueling one, but enjoyable and challenging at the same time,” said Pramanand. “I want to study film and editing in college, so this type of project was great for my resume as well as challenging my skill sets so far.”

“This was a tremendous success, considering that it was Islip’s first year in the 10 Day School Film Challenge as well as our first full year offering the video production class,” said Reilly. “The course, and this competition in particular, encompass numerous areas of study including reading, writing and technology. We live in the mecca of social media, communication, advertising, and television and film production, so a class in video production was needed, warranted and requested by the students and community. It certainly prepares our interested students for college and career ready status. We are truly proud and excited about our current accomplishments as well as what the future will entail for us and Islip, as several of our video production students want to pursue careers in the video production, advertising and communications fields.”