Commack Road Says Goodbye, Mr. McCarthy


Brian McCarthy, the acting principal of Commack Road, will exit the building for the final time on June 30, making way for newly appointed Principal James Cameron.

Commack Road has thrived under McCarthy’s leadership, and the staff successfully completed the implementation of a number of initiatives during his tenure, including the full integration of an outstanding fifth-grade departmentalization program; the creation of a STEAM room dedicated to science, technology, engineering, the arts and math; the implementation of CRES TV in the cafeteria and lobby; an enhancement of cultural awareness through Diversity Night; and the reconfiguration of the grade level and constellation of the building, making it safer and maximizing instruction time.

McCarthy is thrilled to pass the leadership of Commack Road on to Cameron, but is filled with both joy and sadness about leaving Islip.

“The sadness I experience is the loss of my daily interactions with your greatest treasure, your beloved children,” he said.

He praised the faculty and staff at the school and districtwide.

“I can now say unequivocally that they are the finest and most caring group I have encountered through my 43 years in education,” he said.