Peer Ambassadors Bridge High School and Middle School


The high school’s peer ambassadors, led by Assistant Principal Lisa Ward and school counselor Nicole Hall, visited the middle school on April 5 to talk to eighth-grade students about high school life.

Before the 20 peer ambassadors came to speak, the eighth-graders watched a video tour of the high school, narrated by senior Ryan Lange, to prepare them for the experience. Lange later introduced some of the high school staff at various points in the school day.  The eighth-graders used the prep time to brainstorm questions about the high school and ninth grade for them to ask the peer ambassadors, who also discussed high school myths, fears and opportunities.

“The ambassadors were so mature, organized, and prepared,” said middle school counselor Kelly Doheny. “What wonderful role models! I think the middle school students were really impressed and learned so much.”