Islip Showcases 80 Outstanding Visual Artists


Students throughout the district participate in visual arts activities with Islip’s fine and performing arts staff, culminating in an annual art show. Whether with colored pencils or paints, on paper or canvas, students are given the opportunity to both practice their artistic skills and create works of art worthy of special recognition.

This year, Islip recognized 80 artists who created works that displayed both technical ability and artistic growth. The artists ranged in age from 6 to 18 years of age, and worked in media ranging from pencil drawings to darkroom photography. Artists and their families came to participate in a Feb. 7 recognition ceremony, where they could view their works and the works of others on display. 

“The assembled works highlighted not only artistic abilities but also valuable cross-curricular skills, including perseverance and problem solving,” said Vincent Green, Islip’s director of fine and performing arts. “The commitment these students make to their art will serve them beyond the art classroom and into any career they choose.”

Kyle Renwick, who studies photography with teacher Lorraine Knoblauch, was on hand to discuss his intimate portrait work as well as his quest for the right athletic photograph, noting that some of his pieces took more than a year to get right and that he often struggled to balance his desire for the perfect photo against the athlete’s need to focus.

“I’m trying to get the right picture without being a distraction to them during the game,” said Renwick.