HS Science Teacher Mennecke Puts ‘Pencils Down’


“Pencils Down,” a book of poetry written by high school science teacher Wayne Mennecke, was published on Jan. 13 by Local Gems Press. Using emails, excuse notes, labs, test questions and answers to share his experiences teaching biology, Mennecke turned everyday exchanges and encounters into poems that examine how the connection between faculty and students can be more meaningful.

‘’Pencils Down’’ was a 2016 finalist in the annual “30 Poems in 30 Days”contest held by Local Gems Press.

“This is a book about being in school, with all of its routines, challenges and successes – the sometimes serious, sometimes silly classroom happenings and conversations,” said Mennecke. “It also pokes fun at testing and grading as well as the mindboggling questions and answers students provide while preparing for exams. After many months of editing and revising, it’s exciting to finally see the finished book in the hands of family, friends and former students.”