Principles of Engineering


Students in Mike Reilly’s Principles of Engineering class at Islip High School were given a task to create an active sport geared specifically toward individuals with disabilities. “This activity focuses on getting the students to think about disabilities and how they make some aspects of life more difficult,” said Mr. Reilly. “The students are asked to pick a disability and design a new kind of sport for it.”

In designing their games, the students were responsible for outlining the rules and regulations, clearly defining the object of the game, and designing a playing space as well as any equipment to be used, all while keeping in mind the particular disability around which they are designing the sport.

To add a real life element to the project, the students presented their games to Rohan Murphy, who is an entrepreneur, inspirational athlete, motivational speaker, and double leg amputee. Mr. Murphy listened to the students’ presentations, offered his advice on safety concerns and logistics, and chose a game that he would like to see made into a reality.

Students in Lorraine Knoblauch’s photography class were also invited to the presentations. The photographers documented Mr. Murphy’s visit as part of their own class project.