Celebrating Mardi Gras

It was Fat Friday in Matt Senese’s fourth-grade class at Islip’s Maud S. Sherwood Elementary School, as his class was joined by their second-grade buddies in Mary Bauernfeind’s class to participate in their very own Mardi Gras celebration. Dressed in the official colors of Mardi Gras – gold, green, and purple – the students donned crowns on their heads, wore colorful beads around their necks, and enjoyed traditional king cake, complete with a plastic baby baked inside one piece.

“Mardi Gras is a huge event in the South and not very well-known up here in the North,” said Mr. Senese. “We wanted to bring the classes together and introduce the students to the tradition.” Added Mrs. Bauernfeind, “The kids love it! They’re all dressed up in their Mardi Gras colors and really enjoying themselves.”