The Great Butter Battle

Second-grade students in Robb Le Vien’s class at Islip’s Maud S. Sherwood Elementary School collaborated with their fifth-grade buddies in Jen Scheriff’s class to participate in their own rendition of Dr. Seuss’ The Butter Battle. During the month of March, the two classes explored the literature of Dr. Seuss, which included working cooperatively with their buddies to write an epilogue for this Seuss tale.

As a science extension to The Butter Battle, the students utilized the scientific method as they made their own fresh butter. Through inquiry and hands-on experimentation, the buddies watched as their liquid ingredients were transformed into an edible solid. “Once their butter was made, the children had to decide - just as in the book - whether they preferred their bread butter side up or butter side down!” said Mr. Le Vien.