Class of 2016 Readies for First Day of School

Members of the Islip High School Class of 2016 received a head start for the first day of school, as the incoming ninth-grade class participated in Freshman Orientation. To begin the program, High School Principal Dr. Eileen Rossman and Assistant Principals Curtis Juengerkes and Lisa Ward welcomed the students. “At the high school you will be challenged. We will give you all of the opportunities to excel and to find out who you are and who you want to be,” said Dr. Rossman.

Ms. Ward, who works as the assistant principal for the freshman and sophomore classes, reviewed the rules and regulations of the building and encouraged the students to get involved in clubs, athletics and music. Ms. Ward also introduced the director of guidance, food service department, class advisors and current student union president and vice president to discuss important information such as scheduling, cafeteria procedures and the importance of being an active member of the Class of 2016.

Following their welcome, the student volunteers provided a guided tour of the building for the incoming freshmen. In addition to the tour, the students were given their agenda books and schedules for the upcoming school year.