CRES-cent All-Star Readers

Each year at Islip’s Commack Road Elementary School, students are tasked with the challenge of continuing their daily reading throughout their summer vacation. “The children work so hard during the school year to become strong readers,” remarked Principal Jeannette Feminella. “Summer reading is the best way to maintain all the progress they make each year.”
This past summer, the students at CRES participated in the CRES-cent Summer Reading All-Star Program. Students not only read over the summer, but created projects of their choice based on their reading. These projects were brought in during the first week of school and used to decorate the school hallways and classrooms. As a reward for all of their hard work, the students who participated in the program were invited to march in the Islip High School Homecoming Parade.  

In addition, children received a CRES-cent for each book project they brought to school. These CRES-cents were placed in a schoolwide raffle, from which one student from each grade level was chosen as the CRES Reading Super Star. These Super Stars were given sashes, created by art teacher Bethany Fisher, to wear as they carried the CRES Reading All-Star Banner in the parade.