Freshmen Horizon

On Wednesday, Oct. 17, while members of the Islip High School sophomore and junior classes were taking the PSAT exam, the freshman class was participating in the annual Freshmen Horizons Program. Freshmen Horizons is a day in which the ninth-grade students learn about the dangers and consequences of racism and bullying, as well as build upon positive social norms. These positive norms help to make bullying unacceptable and teach the students about the importance of being an upstander, not a bystander.

“Programs such as this help foster what Martin Luther King referred to as a ‘beloved community,’ communities in which people feel safe, accepted and supported by each other,” said Carin Winter, the district’s social worker specializing in substance abuse.

During the program, the ninth-graders heard from Alisty Keneth, a motivational speaker on violence, hate crimes and bullying from AJK Diversified, regarding the video “Hate: Crossing the Life.” They also participated in small-group activities with senior volunteers to discuss ways to prevent bullying, as well as to create anti-bullying slogans and posters that will be hung around the school. Additionally, the students listened as teachers shared their own experiences with bullying.