Pen Pals Send Candy After Sandy

When Hurricane Sandy touched down on Long Island, many were greatly affected by its devastation. In its wake, Sandy canceled Halloween for young children across the island, including Mary Bauernfeind’s second-graders at Maud S. Sherwood Elementary School in Islip. Upon their return to school, however, the second-grade students were in for a treat. Fourth-graders in John D’Antoni’s class at Groton Elementary School in the Groton Central School District, located upstate in Tompkins County, had heard about the hurricane and responded by writing letters and sending bags of candy to the Islip students. According to Mrs. Bauernfeind, Mr. D’Antoni is a 1995 graduate of Islip High School and was friends with both of her sons.

“It was nice of them to send us the candy,” said second-grader Olivia Piazzolla. Added classmate Shania Moonlal, “It felt good to know they thought about us during the hurricane.”

In appreciation of the Groton students’ efforts, the Sherwood students wrote them thank you letters and plan to continue a pen pal relationship with them throughout the year.