A Tale as Old as Time

Over three days, theater students at Islip High School performed four performances of the classic tale “Beauty and the Beast.” A tale as old as time, the musical tells the classic story of Belle (portrayed by Leighann Martone) and the Beast (Michael Massaro) as they overcome the odds to fall in love and break the witch’s curse. Leighann and Michael were supported by their fellow actors John Halpin (Gaston), Rosie Turner (Mrs. Potts), Larry Saperstein (Lumiere), Brianna DiPaola (Chip), Nick Bates (Cogs), Ethan Fields (Maurice), Nick Fanizzi (Lefou), Kaytie Barry (Babbette), Kayla Siuda (the wardrobe), and silly girls Jamie Bider, Elienne Marteluna and Kayleigh Rall.

In addition to acting on stage, the students took to performing behind the scenes as they built scenery, helped choreograph the musical numbers, designed the costumes, and acted as hair and makeup artists.

The musical was executive produced by Director of Fine Arts Vincent Green, directed by Allison Jeanes, and included support from producer/vocal director/orchestra conductor Dr. Rich Harris Jr., choreographer Elizabeth Heaton, scenic artist Melissa Trocchio-Cohen and tech adviser Brian Patanjo.