Sports Day

Showcasing their good sportsmanship, athletic prowess and ability to work as a cohesive unit, the fifth-graders at Commack Road Elementary School participated in the school’s third annual Sports Day. “Today is about building community in the classroom,” said Principal Jeannette Feminella. “It’s a fun day that focuses on teamwork.”

During the event organized by physical education teachers Jason Orlick and Carrie Rittberg, the fifth-graders worked as a class to participate in various sports- and skill-based challenges, as well as team-building activities such as relay races, soccer shootouts and the ever-popular tug-of-war. “There is a variety of events that the students can sign up for, allowing them to participate in the activities in which they will be most successful,” explained Ms. Rittberg.

When all of the activities were over and the points added up, Phillip Lally’s fifth-grade class was named winner of the third annual Sports Day. They will showcase the trophy in their classroom the rest of the year.