Connecting Generations Through Memories

Recognizing the importance of cultivating intergenerational relationships, Islip Middle School Student Government members traveled to the Atria in Bay Shore, a senior assisted living facility, to connect with residents. During the visit, 15 student government members were paired with senior citizens to discuss various topics. Among these discussions, they shared experiences of growing up today versus when the residents were younger.

“Our kids were so excited to meet with the seniors at the Atria and hear their stories,” said middle school social worker and student government co-adviser Shari Pennington. “We specifically chose a time close to Thanksgiving in order to give thanks to the seniors.” Added Atria Engage Life Director Kathleen O’Connor, “Today was a chance for our residents to see that their life experiences mean something to the next generation and that they are appreciated.”

To prepare for their visits, the student government members created cards and memory boxes and presented the seniors with the gifts as a thank-you for sharing their stories. “Today was a great day,” remarked eighth-grader Samantha Rossano. “I liked meeting my senior, Nick, and learning we both shared a love of reading. It was nice to bond over that.”