Wing Social Worker Publishes First Children’s Book

For nine years, Allison C. Siegel has been helping Islip students cope with various issues through a myriad of strategies and techniques as the social worker at Wing Elementary School. Now, a few of those techniques are available to the general public, as Ms. Siegel has released her first children’s book, “Bubbles and Flowers: A Story on Coping with Anger and Frustration.”

“It’s so surreal,” said Ms. Siegel about being a first-time author.

The book tells the story of Charlie and how he learns important lessons from his Nana and Grandpa on how to cope with his own anger and frustration when he struggles with his classmates. By observing his grandparents, Charlie learns how to take a deep breath in and out by using a visual of smelling flowers and blowing bubbles.

“Working with students, I am always talking to them about ways to calm themselves and to help them understand that their feelings are OK, but how they react to those feelings is what is most important,” Ms. Siegel said. “So I’m always looking for books on anger and frustration and ways to cope. They always say to take a deep breath, but depending on the age of a child or any disabilities, they may not understand what taking a deep breath means or what it looks like. Using a visual, I’ve found that it makes it easier for them to understand.”  

“Bubbles and Flowers: A Story on Coping with Anger and Frustration” is available for purchase on or through Ms. Siegel’s website, Ms. Siegel holds a bachelor’s degree in human development from Binghamton University and master’s degree in social work from Columbia University.