Summer Capital Project Work

Beginning June 30, 2014, capital project work will begin at all buildings.  During our summer construction, access to buildings and surrounding grounds will be limited for the health and safety of all.

With approval from New York State, roof work will be completed at the Middle School, lockers will be replaced at the Middle School and High School, security vestibules will be installed at Commack Road and Sherwood, playground renovations will take place at all elementary schools, and safety doors and locks will be installed at all buildings.  Our largest disruption will be on the fields by the Middle School and High School and the soccer field at Sherwood.

In keeping with best management practices, green building philosophies and in an effort to conserve its natural resources, Islip Public Schools will be relocating and reusing the existing organic topsoil from the High School football field and using the soil as part of the reconstruction of the soccer fields at Maud Sherwood Elementary School.

The existing soils have been tested in accordance with Environmental Protection Agency and New York State Department of Environmental Conservation procedures and have been found to not contain any known contaminants or exceedances.

The High School football field is currently under construction, and the soccer field project is scheduled to begin later this year.

We are anticipating completion of all of the above by the fall and expect no disruption to the opening of school in September.

Please follow the progress of the work on the website.