Let’s Play!


Sherwood’s recess playtime became a little more exciting this school year as the new and improved playground equipment was officially unveiled to students on Sept. 8.  The new ADA-compliant equipment and safety carpet, which were originally included in the Fall 2012 community-approved bond, were installed over the summer.

“We’re delighted that the bond was able to include new playground equipment at all three of our elementary schools,” said Superintendent of Schools Susan A. Schnebel. “The new equipment gives our students a safe place to go and play.”

To become familiar with the new equipment, all students will meet with physical education teacher Greg Ruccia during their regular gym classes to review safety procedures.

“I’m so excited for the students of Sherwood,” said Principal Dr. Maureen Martin. “It’s so important for the kids to focus on their fitness and health while still being able to play.”

Playgrounds at Commack Road and Wing elementary schools are scheduled to open shortly.