Wing Makes ‘Rainbow’ Connection to MLK


Wing kindergartners from the classrooms of teachers Valerie Cordara and Lori Murphy joined together to enjoy a novel tribute to Martin Luther King Jr. on Jan. 16, culminating in a “rainbow salad.”

Donning Nobel Peace Prize medallions, students from both classes sat in a circle and linked hands to sing songs about Dr. King. Soon it was time for the main event – the creation of the rainbow salad, connecting the colors of the rainbow to King’s multicultural ideals. The children came up to the table in small groups to mix a variety of treats such as popcorn, pretzels, chocolate chips and conversation hearts into a big bowl, which was then stirred together for all to sample and enjoy.

“It was filled with ingredients that symbolize the teachings and dreams of Dr. King,” explained Cordara. “Chex cereal reminds us to be ‘square and fair’, M&M’s come in many colors, just as people do, and Goldfish crackers remind us to treat all living things with respect. All of the ingredients are delicious individually, but when mixed together they are even more so, just as it is when all different people come together with peace and love in their hearts.”

Cordara first came across the idea for an MLK-themed “salad” idea online more than eight years ago, and shared it with Murphy. “We have been making it every year since then to celebrate Dr. King,” Cordara said. “It is more meaningful and fun to come together with another class and make new friends, and we teach the children that it is not what we look like on the outside, but rather what is in our hearts that matters.”