MS Mani Mondays for Kindness


The middle school introduced some compassionate excitement on two Mondays during March, with students’ pinkies painted blue as part of “Mani for a Cure to Bullying.” Sponsored by the school’s Art Club and student government with the support of the PTA, Mani Mondays promoted kindness and empathy among the community.

At the March 9 and 23 events, manicure stations were set up during lunch periods outside the school cafeterias, and the middle schoolers had the opportunity to have their pinkie nails painted with blue nail polish to show support for kindness to all students, and to act as volunteer manicurists.

“I think it’s a great way to show support for anti-bullying,” said eighth-grader Kerry Monahan, a member of student government who volunteered to paint nails at the event. “It’s so simple and anyone can do it.”

“The intention of the event was for students to stand up for kindness and compassion and let people know that it’s not OK to bully others,” said student government advisers Sue Lange and Shari Pennington. “The event was a huge success and we had an excellent turnout, with many students excited to show their support. Students are becoming educated and aware that what they say and do does truly impact other people’s lives.”