Commack Road Accepts Kindness Challenge


Commack Road was the recipient of a March 10 visit from Rachel’s Challenge, an organization that was formed in memory of Rachel Joy Scott, a victim in the 1999 Columbine High School tragedy. Scott believed in the transformative power of kindness, and that one act of kindness could start a chain reaction. During the presentation, students learned how to start their own “chain of kindness,” both at school and in the greater community. Commack Road proudly accepted Rachel’s Challenge, and each student had the opportunity to sign the “I Accept Rachel’s Challenge” poster displayed in the main lobby.

Parents, middle- and high-school students, and community members were invited back for a Rachel’s Challenge presentation on March 13, so that they too could hear Scott’s inspiring story. At the meeting, Ann Hess’s third-grade class led Commack Road in joining together the first links on their chain of kindness. In just a few short days, the chain had already stretched across the auditorium.

According to Principal Jeannette Feminella, Commack Road will continue adding links of kindness and plans to keep the chain reaction going for the rest of the year.