Elite Scholars Inducted to NJHS


IMS honored its elite scholars on May 27 as the school’s National Junior Honor Society inducted 70 students – 12 eighth-graders and 58 seventh-graders – who have worked hard to achieve high standards. To be eligible, students must have attained an overall GPA of 94 or above and demonstrated qualities of good citizenship.

The students and attending families were joined by Dr. Linda Lippman, the district’s assistant superintendent for administrative services, as well as Board of Education President Mary M. Dennis, Principal Timothy Martin, and NJHS advisers Laura Greco and Jessica Kirsch.

“It is with extreme effort, endless hours of studying and homework, and outstanding citizenship that these inspiring young adults have earned their place within Islip Middle School’s National Junior Honor Society,” said Greco. “In this time of turmoil in education, it is a pleasant reminder of what education is really about – helping our students create a bright future.”