New Teachers Tour Town by Bus


Back-to-school preparations aren’t just for students, as 26 of the 30 teachers who are beginning their teaching career at Islip participated in the district’s new teacher orientation program, including workshops and a special bus tour.

Some were brand new to Islip, many of them leave replacements, while others were in their second or third year of teaching in the district. Islip teachers remain in the induction program and are part of orientation until they are tenured.  

Orientation this year consisted of a two-day program, complete with workshops on management, technology and instructional routines; games where teachers worked together with two of physical education teachers to complete challenges; and model lessons conducted by the district’s New York State Master Teachers.

“New staff gain invaluable insight as they observe how a class is conducted complete with routines and procedures,” said Linda Lippman, the district’s assistant superintendent of administrative services. “Orientation provides the opportunity for new teachers to meet and share ideas and concerns. It cultivates a sense of belonging and reduces the anxiety associated with the first day of school.”

A bus tour of the historic hamlet of Islip had been part of orientation for many years, and was resurrected this year due to the number of new hires. Community members Kay Erwood and Nancy Libert served as hosts and color commentators, sharing the history and joy of the community with new teachers Heidi Kissinger, Beth Bowling, Alyssa D’Agostino, Rachel Sinkusky, Paul Nieves, Melissa Bricker, John Jimenez, Christine Sheridan, Melissa Horn, Justin Patus, Angela Spera, Evelyn Mastriano, Rachel Jersky, Allison Cohen, Danielle Citro, Shayna Pirkl, Andrew Aleksandrowicz, Taylor Kruger, Natalie Hamilton, Nicole Sabatello, Caitlin Kennedy, Kristine Pitera, Ann Di Maria, Esther Hoyos, Jasmin Dengeles and Masina Longo.

“It is an honor and a privilege for me to work with our newest teachers,” said Lippman. “They bring energy and enthusiasm. I remind our new teachers that teaching is an enormous responsibility and an overwhelming privilege because we are charged with the future, so I tell them to teach from the heart.”