Biography Day Captivates Sherwood


Serving as a captivating and creative celebration of the school’s fifth-grade reading and writing curriculum, students at Sherwood participated in the annual Biography Day event on Oct. 30, researching, dressing up and acting as various historical and current figures.

The students began the day by presenting their chosen Biography Day characters to their classmates, followed by a schoolwide parade for the other grade levels. Last was a “Living Museum,” where the fifth-graders were on interactive display, explaining their biographical characters in detail to their visiting families and other educators.

As these proud family members arrived and departed at the front entrance, they wrote supportive messages on the school’s Biography Day graffiti wall as a testament to the great work that was done by the students.   

“Biography Day was such a testament to our terrific school community of staff, students and families,” said Sherwood’s principal, Dr. Maureen Martin.