A Community’s Gratitude on Display at High School’s Military Wall of Honor


The high school dedicated its new Military Wall of Honor on Nov. 10, displaying the names and accompanying photographs of the 58 graduates who have served in the various branches of the U.S. military, from Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Jeffrey Boulos, who was killed in the line of duty in the 1983 Beirut bombing, to those currently on active duty. The project was spearheaded by Assistant Principal Curt Juengerkes.

The patriotic ceremony began with a procession of flags by the Islip American Legion Rusy-Bohm Post 411, followed by a rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” by the school’s marching band. Islip’s Young Politicians Club led the Pledge of Allegiance. Among the visiting guests were numerous local veterans, members of the Boulos family, Suffolk County Legislator Tom Cilmi, Islip Town Councilman John Cochrane Jr., and Seth Rogan, a representative from State Sen. Phil Boyle’s office.

“The Islip School District is doing something so simple and yet so remarkable in honoring graduates who have served in the military with a wall of their own,” said Cilmi. “It sends a message to those men and women that they are appreciated, remembered and revered. It also sends a message to every student who walks through these halls that these veterans are our real heroes.”

Superintendent of School Susan Schnebel then addressed the crowd. “We are here to honor our brave men and women who proudly served this great nation, for they are the fabric from which our flag has been woven,” she told them, before directing students Cheyenne Coughlin and Lauren Schadt to unveil the Wall of Honor.

As the impressive array was admired, Principal Michael Mosca said, “These men and women should be honored every day, and due to the efforts of everyone who made this Wall of Honor possible at Islip High School, the veterans’ commitment and our gratitude will always be on display.”

To close the ceremony, student Savannah Beckford sang a soaring version of “America the Beautiful.”