High Schoolers and Rotarians Visit Commack Road for Literacy Day


Book-loving teachers at Commack Road opened up their classrooms for a special Literacy Day event on Dec. 14, welcoming six members of Islip High School’s Interact Club and track team – Rachel Barbato, Jessica Brown, Cameron Chungata, Ashley Goveia, Holly Iafrate and Madeline Mowbray – as well as Islip Rotary Club representatives Eric Buehler, Cheryl Goveia,  Liz Mayott, Bob Nathan, Theresa Rosario and Ted Schwarting.

The visitors read teacher-selected books to the younger students, ending each visit with candy cane gifts.

“Our kids and teachers love to read,” said Principal Jeanette Feminella. “This activity really helped instill the love of reading throughout the entire Islip community.”