The Jr. Historical Society was formed in 2013 by Sheila Kiernan, a 10th-grade student at Islip High School. The Junior Sector of Islip Hamlet has been gathering members from Islip Middle School and Islip High School to support and maintain the preservation of our history. The goal is to educate and increase youth awareness of Islip's rich history, helping to continue the legacy of our community.

The Jr. Historical Society members frequently volunteer for the Historical Society's annual events such as the Holiday House Tour, the Garden Walk, and Islip's town parades. The Junior Sector often has projects of their own, where they incorporate historical themes to make learning about Islip's history fun and enjoyable. It is also an educational opportunity in the preservation of historical buildings, landmarks, documents, records, artifacts, photographs, memorabilia and other items within the Hamlet of Islip.

Membership for the Jr. Historical Society is only $5 per year. Their meetings are normally the first Saturday of every month and are held locally. If you are interested, please contact Sheila Kiernan at