Weekly Winter Interlude of Cafe Creativity at MS

Throughout February and March, middle school seventh-grade English teacher Christine Sheridan and ENL teacher Kaitlin Rooney have hosted a Writers’ Cafe, an enrichment activity allowing students to express their creativity through poetry writing.

Every Wednesday after school, participants gather in Sheridan’s classroom to create original poems associated with cherished winter memories. The seventh-graders are encouraged to incorporate sensory imagery and figurative language into their pieces. In order to create an atmosphere reminiscent of an authentic cafe, hot chocolate is served in coffee cups donated from Islip’s local Starbucks. Rooney also bakes decadent treats for each session. As background music gently plays, students sip their hot chocolate, nibble on delicious snacks and put their poetic skills to use. To showcase student work, the two educators plan to publish all final pieces in a winter-themed anthology.

Within the cafe’s setting, creativity knows no bounds, and imaginations soar. The cozy and relaxing environment promotes student interaction and engagement as they happily chat with their peers and share personal experiences related to their poems. Every student has a unique voice and perspective that is warmly welcomed.

One seventh-grader, Kevin Fuentes, said “Writers’ Cafe is so much fun.” Fellow student Alex Lennon added, “I really like writing poetry and talking with my friends.”