Poetry Published by Teacher Wayne Mennecke


Work by high school science teacher and Keep Islip Clean club adviser Wayne Mennecke was recently included in “Fracture: Essays, Poems, and Stories on Fracking in America,” published by Ice Cube Press on Feb. 14.

“Fracture” is the first collection of literature from established and emerging authors and activists that focuses on the environmental impact that fracking has on communities and habitats across America. Last year, the editors at Ice Cube Press put out a call for literary works that address the consequences of oil shale fracking on the land, water and air, asking, “Can a poem stop a pipeline?” Mennecke answered that request by contributing four poems to the anthology. 

Mennecke is a summer volunteer for the Marmarth Research Foundation, a group of scientists, teachers and volunteers who dig for dinosaurs in North Dakota and Montana. He has conducted research with paleontologists and fellow teachers for the past seven years, and many of his poems come from the pages of the research journal he keeps while digging for fossils, speaking with local ranchers and observing the changes the energy industry has brought to the Northern Plains. The book aims to use literature to help inform Americans about the environmental and personal consequences of unregulated drilling.