A Tip of the Hat to the Top 10 Percent


The high school recently recognized the students placing in the school’s top 10 percent, with Principal Michael Mosca and guidance counselors Kelly Alcantara, Kelly Doheny, Kerri Friend, Jaime Fulton, Nicole Hall and Michael Jargo honoring these 25 academically outstanding young men and women.

The top 10 percent, which included valedictorian Amber Yildizel and salutatorian Brian Lithen, was rounded out by Victoria Boufis, Brandon Chungata, Cheyenne Coughlin, Emily Curran, Thomas DePaola, Schuyler Dineen, Sean Dineen, Shannon Dolan, MacKenzie Dymek, Hannah Flynn, Tyler Glock, Taylor Nink, Christian Novarro, Zeynep Okul, Kadir Ozler, Kersey Reagan, Larry Saperstein, Lauren Schadt, Connor Sharpe, Emily Singleton, Perianne Smith, Melissa Sosa and Wendy Tully-Gustafson.

“On behalf of all of the faculty and staff at Islip High School, I congratulate this excellent group of young men and women,” said Principal Michael Mosca. “As their careers here at Islip wind down, they can look back with pride in their tremendous accomplishments. I have no doubt that their hard work will continue to pay dividends as they move onto the next chapter of their lives.”