Army Brings Laptop Lab to High School Tech Students


The U.S. Army and members of Farmingdale State College’s A+ Mobile STEM lab facilitated a STEM Army Day at the high school on April 18.  With the help of Dr. Matthew Christiansen, the high school’s science and business chairperson, and guidance counselor Nicole Hall, more than 150 technology and engineering students participated in the event, working throughout the day with an exciting hands-on mobile engineering and coding lab.

Throughout the lab, students were able to experiment with coding software to simulate an animation of an amusement park ride lasting for 15 seconds, with two separate functions occurring simultaneously so that the ride simulation would move and the seat would rotate and stop where it started. Once the students created the code and moved the animation to their individual laptops, they were able to connect their computers and try it out on an actual small model of the amusement park ride.

“This took a lot of careful work and testing and revising of the program, but students were able to see the behind-the-scenes work and careful coding that creates a safe, cost-effective and entertaining ride,” said Hall.

“Here at Islip High School, we are continuing to find ways to engage and excite students in different career paths,” said Christiansen. “The Islip staff is eternally grateful to the Army and A+ Mobile Solutions for bringing this amazing engineering- and technology-based opportunity to our students.”