High School Students Humbly Help the Homeless

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High school students in Renee Clock’s Junior Chamber of Commerce Club volunteered for the Gary Big Brown 68 Foundation by helping to package over 200 hot Thanksgiving meals for the homeless.

Senior Angela Santaniello organized the group of students to meet at Marconi Manor in Islip to package the food, including mashed potatoes, corn, green beans, turkey, stuffing and gravy. The meals were then served to families at a special gathering on Thanksgiving Day.

“Experiences like this keep us humble and remind us to be thankful for what we have, because you never know the struggles that others are facing,” said Clock.

The Gary Big Brown 68 Foundation was founded by Brentwood native Gary Brown, a former Green Bay Packer and 1997 NFL Super Bowl champion. Brown mentors local youth at risk through mentorship programs and education. Through various community assistance programs, he encourages local youth and community members to give back to those in need and to become productive and successful members of society.